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The Second Rule of Scuba

January 23rd, 2013 No comments

The first rule of scuba: NEVER hold your breath.
The second rule of scuba: always look cool, because if you look cool doing it, you are probably doing it right! 🙂

For my divemaster class, I did my, “teach a scuba review” today, and I passed. It is hard to get used to getting that close to the “students” while they do their skills, but our instructors threw us curve balls today to emphasize how to maintain control of a student, responding to issues as they arrive and preventing panic.

I also did my skindiver course again…the instructors that did it with me in the past forgot to sign the sheet, and it was just easier to do it all over again than to keep trying to track them down.

The only thing (besides a little paperwork) I have left is “supervising a Discover Scuba in open water”, and I have that scheduled for the weekend after next.

So excited to be finishing this project!

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Map of the Regina Dive Site

January 23rd, 2013 No comments

Regina Map

Regina, Bradenton Beach, Florida

I finished my dive site map of the Regina. Here it is.

Note: this file is not released under Creative Commons.

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